Since ages, Venice was a symbol and representative of various arts and crafts, including the art of perfumery. The Vidal Family, involved in the arts of perfumery for more than a century, decided to pay homage to this glorious cultural tradition. They recognised the need for a cultural luxury brand that would express the uniqueness of Venice: The Merchant Of Venice. The Merchant Of Venice is a sophisticated fragrance house for men and women that is inspired by the city Venice since it is Vidal family homeland. The Merchant of Venice is a brand that has its conceptual origins in the ancient Art of Perfumery originated in Venice and from its centuries-old trade with the Orient. The line is inspired by the “Mude,” the maritime trade routes that covered a very large area from Asia to Africa, and on to Europe as far as the Northern Seas. The “Mude” started from Venice and reached many different harbours, which in turn were the destination of other commercial routes.

These ports were the exchange centres for raw materials and finished products. This system enabled the Republic of Venice to acquire the knowledge and raw materials that otherwise it could not directly attain from within its own mainland. Through master craftsmen such as the Muschieri (perfumers) and the Saoneri (soap makers), new techniques of production were invented that made the Venetian perfumes and cosmetics highly sought after products in all the Royal Courts of Europe.

The historic nature and the prestige of this sophisticated brand express itself by precious fragrances carried out by perfurmers who reinterpret the ancient recipes. The luxury creations are boxed in precious perfume bottles inspired by the millenary art of Venetian glass. History and culture are at the base of The Merchant of Venice that perfectly combines them in excellent Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, body products and home fragrances.

Murano collection is composed of seven fragrances Eau de Parfum dedicated to mude, to the essential oils and to the raw materials imported by Venetian merchants from the far Orient. The spices, the aromas, and the rare essences were expertly selected by merchants from among those that were most aspired and precious. The masterly expertise of the time honoured Venetian traditions turns an enchanted journey into a dream.

The Murano Exclusive is the ideal combination of unique fragrances with Venetian craftsmanship. All these blend are created by renowned master perfumers that took inspiration from Venetian style. It is a collection of exclusive Eau de Parfums Concentrée, characterized by a high concentration of fragrance each with its own olfactory signature expertly crafted: the floral and oriental heart notes confer a unique, refined, and definite character to each creation.

Nobil Homo is the men’s collection from The Merchant of Venice. It aims to encompass the magnetic charm of Venetian noblemen. This set of five Eau de Parfum and one Eau de Parfum Concentrée is inspired by the trades and travels of the ancient Venetian nobility. Each fragrance is contained within a precious glass which took inspiration from the style and colours of traditional Venetian fabric.

Blue Tea is the fragrance inspired to perfumes and precious raw materials of Asiatic lands. At the heart of the composition, there is Blue Tea, a refined Chinese tea also known as BlueChai’s butterfly pea blossoms, belonging to Oolong species. It is original from South-East Asia and India and it is characterized by a simple and sophisticated blue-violet flower that expresses all the elegance and finesse of Asiatic charm.

Venezia Essenza pays tribute to the city of Venice, the cultural foundation and source of constant inspiration for The Merchant of Venice. Two fascinating fragrances, pour Femme and pour Homme, able to embody the essence, uniqueness and beauty of the City.

La Fenice Collection is a cultural project that connects the image of the brand The Merchant of Venice with an internationally renowned institution, Gran Teatro La Fenice, one of the most important symbol of the city of Venice. A refined and elegant project to homage a cultural institution thought two sophisticated fragrances that will evoke emotions and feelings transmitted during theatre performances.

The Museum collection is a set of 40 monothematic Eau de Toilette that covers the most popular raw materials used in perfumery. Fragrances are divided by olfactive families, and could be worn solo or together with other fragrances of the collection.

Besides main fragrances lines, the brand created the Murano Art Collection, which represents the ideal combination of perfumery with the artistic glass production of Murano. This unique collection combines the highest olfactory aspirations with the stylistic elegance of handmade vases and flames. It also presented Home Fragrances in Murano glass, Body Care line and Accessories.

The Merchant of Venice realizes customized courtesy products line for the most luxurious Hotels, In addition, it opened its first SPA inside the exclusive Venetian resort, San Clemente Palace Kempinski.