It takes a sharp mind, keen curiosity and undying passion to embark on an adventure of discovery. To conjure the undiscovered takes more. To make exist the inexistent, requires fearless and especially sensitive talents, an eye for the poetical, all mystical and beautiful. A deep desire for the magical and the ability to pinpoint, blend the unexpected and find connection surfaces between the seemingly opposed asking the unique. To bring things like these to the world calls for a master. Laurent Mazzone is such a person. In 2000, he founded the niche perfumery brand Lm Parfums (Laurent Mazzone Parfums). Exquisite perfumes with the smell of almond, leather, tonka bean and oranges are enclosed in bottles of opaque black glass giving us the ability to enjoy with sophisticated creations. Mr Mazzone quickly identified the boutiques as potential ‘sensory laboratories’. Expanding purpose and reason, to enjoy the opportunity to gather immediate feedback from customers whilst continuing his passionate work. 

Mr Mazzone's story:

Of Italian decent, Mr Mazzone was born in the beautiful heart of the southern French Alps. A perfect setting to evolve and finely tunes all his young senses to build a strong, natural pallet foundation suited for the mystical world of fragrances. Already at the tender age of 12, the family home was turned alchemical laboratory where Mr Mazzone would intuitively mix and blend, chisel and sculpt local fragrances to experience new sensations. Ingredients he would find in the garden, local shops and raiding the bathroom cabinet. Scents of all new kinds would fill the family home but most importantly, the passion was discovered there and then. The immense focus, the curiosity and required vision evolved if yet fragmented, piece by piece, ingredients by ingredients, it was coming together. Results were awarding in the discovery of new perfumes and he soon grew into the esteemed role of ‘Discoverer of fragrances’. If yet only locally but that would soon change. All the arts make for a greater wonderful.

Continuing discoveries in adolescent years, the exploration of the new, Mr Mazzone went on to grow his natural ability to blend ingredients but with samples and beats. The leap to successful DJ was short and seamless. These years in San Tropez widened his perspectives of the world and opened his eyes to haute couture, the enticing world of fashion. As popular DJ he would divide his time between the clubs, fashion shows and style workshops. Slowly starting to connect the dots to achieve the greater vision. Mr Mazzone soon steered his passion into his very first commercial venture by creating and opening a fashion store. His kind, magnetic persona, taste and ability to pick the right team proved to be a recipe for success. The one location quickly grew into a string of Prêt à Porter boutiques, for women and men looking for the unusual and special, created by the most innovative designers and today Mr Mazzone heads a most successful chain of stores located inside the source. Where he is beloved, revered and resides, his hometown of Grenoble.

Mr Mazzone claimed the boutiques as potential ‘sensory laboratories’. To fulfil the desire to discover new fragrances was irresistibly tempting. He developed a series of special candles and filled the shops not only with haute couture, but a layer of magical scents. Much to the customers' delight and positive reactions were immediate. Mr Mazzone fine-tuned and perfected, the people rejoiced. The customer demand for the scents grew naturally but fast. The overwhelming response led Mr Mazzone to finally make the decision on a level that emotionally was decided long ago, to create his own perfumes. The inspiration of its perfume bottles comes from a starry night in New York in 2012. A unique design with structural lines which recover the appearance of buildings.

To merge it all in the end, to shape a wondrous future:

Rushing was never an option. Finding and developing the quality Mr Mazzone demand takes perfection and perfection takes time. Always staying open, to learn and evolve. Like the perfumes themselves alchemically evolve their own scents, this accurately reflects the personality and drive of Mr Mazzone.

The year is iconically 2000 and his very first niche Parfumerie opens. A workshop delight for all the senses. Mr Mazzone’s envisioned paradise of scents and aromas, the success he believed in, hoped and wished for. The personal touches translate right back to the very fabric of the dream out of which it’s carved. The Parfumerie holds all his favourite things. Candles, perfumes, perfumes, perfumes. In all it’s forms, every layer. The Parfumerie and workshop has for more than a decade allowed Mr Mazzone to indulge in his passions and most important work, the wild adventure of creating his own perfumes.

The time spent perfecting has successfully led to timelessness. The passion, energy and undying love of the arts, evolution. Mr Mazzone is here now. LM Perfumes is in this world. Complete and forwards moving. With creations like the Noir Gabardine, Ambre Muscadin and Patchouli Bohème, he has found his voice. It’s a deep, rich voice. Filled with ingredients, the right experiences and what it takes to create what’s now in existence. It takes a lifetime to come far, one to evolve and another to journey. The magic has begun, the heart is beating. Beating in LM Perfumes. The discovery never ends.