HICKIES Lacing System, invented by the young couple from Argentina, has elevated sneakers to the next level far from old world “strings”. The adaptive modular no-tie lacing system was specially designed for an active lifestyle. It allows tripping up free, provides stability for the whole body movements without limitations and tangled stories, focusing on a balance. It is for a quick out and comfy wearing. HICKIES lacing system fits for any model and any size of shoes with different kind of eyelets. The system fits perfect, it is easy to adjust and it looks modern and stylish. Even the most shoe-aholic snobs have already appreciated the best HICKIES qualities.


The co-founders Mariquel Waingarten and Gastón Frydlewski from Argentina came up with the brilliant idea of creating no-tie lacing system after the bitter experience with traditional laces. They hated to tie the shoes since childhood. It wasn’t comfortable to run, go jogging, doing sports or just going for a walk. The ordinary shoelaces always untie, so it is necessary to tie them up again that is usually inconvenient, otherwise, the shoes have a messy look. They may be too tight or too loose, which limits or complicates the freedom of movement. The inventors recognized the idea as a touch of genius. In his 22 Gastón decided to become an investment banker in order to get money following up with the idea.

After more than ten years of research, development, and prototyping they decided to show their brainchild to Kickstarter platform. They started the fundraising campaign to see if the rest of the world was ready for HICKIES lacing system. Kickstarter is a Brooklyn-based public-benefit corporation that supports a global raise funding platform of backers around the globe. Its priority is to bring the most creative projects into life. It was definitely a success. The one-of-a-kind no-tie shoelace system raised 600% more than the inventors expected. It gathered $159,167 million from 3,370 backers who liked the idea and wanted to help to implement this project. In 2011 Gastón and Mariquel moved to New York City to set up the company HICKIES.


The HICKIES Lacing System is a simple modular design made with the smart elastic material. This allows the shoe to fit along different parts of the foot, providing personalized comfort and flexibility. Due to the special elastic material, they are lighter than traditional shoelaces. The resilient, thermoplastic elastomer provides both elasticity and compression. Whether running, traveling or training the elastic material starches and backs to shape without breaking. The HICKIES Lacing System is a modular one. Instead of one lace running through the length of each shoe, it has to be strapped per pair of eyelets. It is very convenient, as it needs fastening only once without tie-untie.

The HICKIES are very easy in use, it takes only 5 minutes to put them into eyelets. The system offers the possibility to customize tightness and lacing style. There is three options for lacing: tight, regular, and medium. If the tension is not enough, it has to be changed the way the HICKES laced. For the everyday use, it is fine with "regular" tension. It is possible to lose laces any time. 

Main features are:


Each HICKIES strap conforms to the shape of any model of a shoe. Bright, easy, and customizable the HICKIES makes any sneakers, work shoes, boots, and even dress shoes more comfortable, adjustable, adaptive, and sleek. Each model is tailor made and may be applied together or separately.  

The models are offered in a different color palette. More colorful are popular among kids. For more conservative users there is the black model. There are 8, 10, 12 and 14 HICKES in a package. They are very flexible, lasting and waterproof. Hook-closure snaps are placed in order to secure and fix the lace.

The basic model of the first generation design is HICKIES 1.0. It is featured with the waterproof and adaptive elastic material, which provides the no-tie laces elasticity for the intense move. The mat clasp is easy to fasten. It is perfect for everyday activities.
Lately, the company has introduced two models, re-innovated versions of HICKIES 1.0 Lacing System: HICKIES 2.0 and HICKIES Kids. The new model HICKIES 2.0 with high adapting and performance was specially designed for athletes. Unlike HICKIES 1.0 the model has angled lacing tip and fish-hook style clasp that adds extra security with a 40% increase in contact area. HICKIES Kids features a new material and shape, specially designed for children.


From the East Cost to the West Coast of the U.S., from Europe to Asia, HICKIES ambassadors are delivering the idea of the fit lifestyle and freedom of body movement with the brand’s system. Athletes, fitness instructors, coaches, sportsmen are proudly representing the brand at the sport and fitness platform. Among them are Ross Anti, Christine Bullock, Rosalia Chann, Mitchell Senat, Ben Isabella, Joshua Peters and it is only a short list. For the sportsmen is very important to be on track at the very exact time and to be safe during training. HICKIES give all these possibilities with its safe and super comfortable lacing system.


The brand has launched the expansion into new international markets. The colorful, stretchable no-tie shoe-fasteners can be found worldwide in 45 countries and the demand for the new easy-to-use no-tie lacing system keeps growing. In 2017, HICKIES is planning to open distribution point in Brazil through its new partners Topper Brazil and Rainha.

The prices for the pieces depend on the models. The retail price for the original version is $14.99. The company constantly thinks about the customers introducing sales. During the seasonal discounts the prices according to the official web-site are the following:

The product is also available in the online marketplaces as e-Bay or Amazon. The pricing varies from $11.99 to $14.99 for a pack of 10 pieces. 


Today HICKIES is a Brooklyn-based lifestyle brand that has totally changed the footwear industry. Since its foundation, the company has grown its operations to include a European and Australian subsidiary and has shipped more than 2 million packs of the HICKIES Lacing System to different countries around the globe. The Company has received funding from Hydra Ventures, the venture capital subsidiary of Adidas AG, as well as from the Mexican VC Dila Capital and Endeavor Catalyst.  HICKIES revenues more than doubled from 2014 to 2015 and more than doubled again from 2015 to 2016.



HICKIES has been issued utility and design patents in the United States and throughout the world. HICKIES currently has more than fifty issued patents worldwide, and it strictly tracks violations of its intellectual property rights. HICKIES has taken action across the globe to protect its IP both online and in the marketplace.


"HICKIES, an innovative shoelace company led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Mariquel Waingarten and Gaston Frydlewski, raised US$10 million from top global footwear brands with participation from Endeavor Catalyst. Strategic investors included the Wizard Martins family, controlling shareholders of Sforza Holding, which manages Topper Brazil and Rainha, two of the largest Latin American footwear and sporting goods brands.” Endeavor

“Frydlewski spent nearly a decade developing the product on the side while working as an investment banker for J.P. Morgan. While his friends were playing soccer, Frydlewski stayed inside working on his shoelace-replacement idea. “I had this in my system, and I just needed to make it happen or get it out of my system,” Frydlewski recalls. “I was a little obsessed with the idea. It was such an obvious opportunity I just couldn’t get it out of my mind, and I didn’t want to have a what-if in my mind the rest of my life.” Forbes


“Just want to mention that I saw a Hickies commercial while on an American Airlines flight. Glad to see you guys are getting broader market exposure! I've enjoyed my Hickies and plan to eventually try the newer version once I wear out the current ones.” Jason Roop 

“I've had mine in daily use since they first arrived and so far only one of them snapped. All in all, I find them extremely useful and the black ones are subdued enough that they go nicely with shoes other than sneakers and sportswear quite well. Definitely looking forward to buying more Hickies the next time I'm buying a pair of shoes.” Alan Plum 

“I just wanted to say that since receiving these last year I really do love not having to tie my main pair of sneakers anymore (I still have to do it the "old-fashioned" way with my workout sneakers, kind of worried that using them while working out might cause some damage). After using them for the past 7 or 8 months I really find it funny that there was nothing like this for sneakers before Hickies were created because right now I can't imagine going back to shoelaces.” Adrien 

“Hickies are a shoe lace system, instead of using traditional laces. I am disabled from a stroke and have no use of my left arm and hand. I have been using Hickies for quite a few years and totally love them. With Hickies, I can wear regular tie sneakers instead of slip on shoes. The Hickies expand/stretch very well. I highly recommend them for anyone disabled or elderly. Hickies help me maintain some independence.”  D. Straugh

“I've started running and I had issues with my laces being too tight. So, I re-laced my shoes and would twist the bow and tuck it under the first shoelaces. This worked, but sometimes the laces would come out during the run and I would have to stop and re-twist and tuck the laces. I had to do this enough times that I decided to look for an alternative. I read the reviews, even though I was afraid that they were going to make my shoes too tight, I bought them. They come with pictures showing how to make them regular, loose, and tight. I tried the regular and it was too tight, for my liking. I tried the loose and it was still a little tight. So I modified the loose (see pictures) which fits perfectly! It's so nice to be able to slide my shoes on and have the perfect lace tension!” Katherine 

“I love this product. I feel like a Pinterest fail because how they look on MY shoes is NOT how they look on the Hickies shoe models. But, I have shoes with tabs, not holes (see my photos). I bought them because my laces are always coming undone and tripping me at the worst times. I even broke my ankle a few months back because of that. Glad I didn't hit my head when I went down. I've tried double tying my laces, using short laces, knotting the laces...and nothing worked. I don't remember this being a big problem when I was a kid. I'm 60 now. Active, and I own more sneakers than heels.” Becky Blanton