Theodent is the absolute best toothpaste formulation on the market, the world's only absolutely safe alternative to kinds of toothpaste containing fluoride. It took more than 30 years of continuous clinical studies to create a unique revolutionary formula Rennou, a proprietary blend of cocoa extract and other minerals, which is unique worldwide. This active ingredient in the toothpaste increases the size of enamel surface crystals, making teeth less susceptible to bacterial acid demineralization. All components of Theodent are of natural origin, therefore completely harmless to health, even if accidentally swallowed. The prestigious G.R.A.S. status confirms the complete safety of the product according to the standards of the FDA.


The daily consumption of large quantities of acidic food and drinks causes erosion of enamel, one of the reasons for increased tooth sensitivity. Today, fluorine is commonly used in the toothpastes for enamel remineralization. But fluoride strengthens teeth by adhering to and incorporating itself into the tooth. Fluoride is also known to be a neurotoxin and its overabundance in the body can be very harmful. The recent Harvard studies have shown it's correlated to lower IQ levels in children.


The academic research behind Theodent was first conducted in the 1980s by Dr. Tetsuo Nakamoto, a co-founder of the company and a professor at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. He studied the effects of nutritional constituents on pre-natal teeth. In collaboration with Professors Alexander Falster and William Simmons, experts in analytical geology, Nakamoto found that dark chocolate without the fat and sugar helps prevent the development of caries in its early stages. They discovered that enamel remineralization occurs due to its theobromine constituent, a cocoa extract similar in structure to caffeine, effective in fighting cavities and strengthening tooth enamel. The finding caused extensive researches and led to the creation of Rennou revolutionary formula, the active ingredient of Theodent toothpaste.

The research of a momentous discovery was taken a step further by Dr. Arman Sadeghpour in 2007. As a part of the doctoral dissertation at Tulane University, he tested the theobromine on human teeth and make a comparison of cocoa extract and fluoride abilities to strengthen tooth enamel. The research confirmed the earlier finding of Dr. Nakamoto. The interest towards the product made the scientists work on commercializing the technology. Theodent LLC was established by Sadeghpour and Nakamoto in cooperation with William Simmons and Joseph Fuselier. The company’s first commercial product was launched in 2012. The company now holds three patents issued in the USA and a third worldwide patent pending.

Theodent LLC is supported by the New Orleans BioInnovation center. It is a nonprofit business incubator, a hub for bioscience companies in Louisiana. The organization supports teams developing innovative medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, digital health platforms, clean technologies, etc. The BioInnovation center offers numerous lab and office facilities, business consulting assistance, regular educational programs, and low-cost capital program. It works with a number of independent innovators and researchers from major institutions including Tulane University, the Louisiana State University Health, Xavier University of Louisiana and University of New Orleans. The center’s commercialization team assists in business planning, market analysis, intellectual property protection, finding capital sources, connecting entrepreneurs to mentors, etc.


The basis of the revolutionary RENNOU formula is theobromine, a substance of natural origin derived from cocoa beans. Theobromine has antibacterial properties and actively promotes the remineralization of enamel. It stimulates the formation of hydroxyapatite crystals, the main component of the bone tissue of the tooth. Moreover, these new crystals of hydroxyapatite, formed on the surface of exposed dentin and within the dentinal tubules, are four times larger and stronger than the previous ones and much more resistant to external acids (wine, juices, fruits, etc.). In comparison to fluorine that incorporates itself into the tooth, the cocoa extract strengthens and enlarges the crystals that make up the tooth, resulting in a more robust enamel. Theobromine is totally safe for health and exceeds greatly the performance of fluorine (71 times less theobromine is needed to show the same results in comparison to fluorine). Thus, when regularly used, the Theodent toothpaste allows to eliminate the problems of tooth sensitivity and stop the development of caries at an early stage.

All the ingredients of Theodent formula closely interact with each other providing a high performance of the product. Thus, in addition to theobromine, the toothpaste also includes calcium acetate that restores positive calcium balance and sodium phosphate, a buffer for the absorption of calcium and growth of hydroxyapatite crystals. A range of ingredients is set to fight the bad bacteria. Xylitol is needed for the prevention of caries as it inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and helps to neutralize acidic environment in the mouth. Citric acid has a broad-spectrum antiseptic effect, thus killing harmful bacteria and preventing decay of soft tissues. Sodium benzoate suppresses the activity of enzymes in microbial cells responsible for the redox reaction. Peppermint oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and deodorizing effect as well as a sorbitol having an antibacterial effect.

Soda microparticles are responsible for the mechanical removal of microbes removing plaque while gently polishing the enamel. In addition to soda, Theodent formula comprises also another mild natural abrasive, titanium dioxide. It gently cleanses the enamel and is a natural concealer restoring the natural white color of the teeth. Even the foaming agent in the composition of the paste is of vegetable origin. It is sodium lauroyl sarcosinate instead of commonly used sodium lauryl sulfate. Vanilla extract gives a light aroma and influences greatly the flavor of the paste, especially when combined with menthol and extract of stevia (one of the most famous natural sweeteners).

Efficacy and safety Theodent toothpaste were proved in more than 80 studies, including independent. Its effectiveness is confirmed by reputable medical organizations: Tulane University, the LSU school of Dentistry, the University of New Orleans, the University of Texas at San Antonio; the University of Texas at Austin; Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Marmara University Dental School. Theodent is the world's first toothpaste that has received the highest security status G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe), previously assigned only to foods. The product is approved by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). Theodent is manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485:2003 (quality assurance, safety innovations). It has EAC and EurAsEC certificates of conformity.



Theodent Classic and Theodent Kids are available at hundreds of retail locations across the United States and around the world and at the official website. Theodent 300 is available through select dental and medical offices and through the website, exclusively.

For its network of distributors, brokers, and retailers Theodent has developed Minimum Advertised Price policy to support brand value, retailer confidence and consumer service and satisfaction. All sales of products are subject to the policy.


Art De Smile Ltd. is an executive distributor of revolutionary dental cosmetic brands, including Theodent for Russia and CIS. The company was founded in 2013 by Olga Muzichevskaya, currently serving as CEO. Prior Olga gained wide experience in marketing at major Russian and international companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, Uniliever, Henkel, IQ Card. Among her achievements is the EFFIE "Brand of the Year" award for the launch of the Svyaznoy Bank. With deep insight in the oral care industry and the study of the market of dental hygiene, Olga and her partner, Gleb Pekli, opened the first dental studio in Moscow InSmile Dental Lounge, which specializes in preventive and aesthetic dentistry. Olga Muzichevskaya also worked on the launch of premium dental brands in Russia.

The understanding of the oral care market and its needs empowered Olga to look for truly innovative products. She realized that the last revolutionary discovery in the dental industry took place more than 100 years ago, when fluorine was first used as an agent for tooth enamel remineralization. Upon learning about Theodent, Olga Muzichevskaya went to New Orleans to get acquainted with the company's management and scientist who discovered the unique properties of theobromine, Dr. Tetsuo Nakamoto. A deep awareness of the domestic market of fast moving consumer goods and the main players in the market of dental hygiene in the premium segment facilitated Olga to obtain the exclusive rights to the distribution of Theodent in Russia.

Art De Smile managed to raise the brand’s awareness and to multiply increase the number of trading partners during the first two years of its operation due to close cooperation with well-known dental clinics in Moscow, including Kraftway, Dental Fantasy, Aurora, Stomatology 31. In 2014, Theodent product line received the sign of approval from the Stomatological Association of Russia. The improvement of the marketing concept enabled it to enter premium salons and cosmetic shops. The most important at this stage was a partnership agreement with the companies Mercury (running TSUM, DLT) and BOSCO (Articoli).

To date, the company's portfolio comprises 5 brands represented in Russia on the rights of exclusive distribution. While its main focus is the development of the premium market of dental hygiene products, Art De Smile is also working on new categories of products, such as skin care products and perfumes.


Distribution is carried out through the following retail points of sale:

The product line is also presented in catalogs of several Russian airlines. All in all, Theodent retails at 450 outlets in 13 cities across the territory of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Sochi, Surgut, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok.

The main clients of the company are:


As part of the launch of the brand in Russia, a series of press events for journalists and beauty editors was held. It resulted in more than 30 publications in leading media (ELLE, Grazia, L`Officiel, Yoga Journal, Kommersant, Seasons, Numero, Instyle, etc.). A number of partner projects have been implemented within the relevant media platforms and bloggers, such as BeautyInsider, Natali Yakimenko, Instyle Kids. The brand is also promoted in social networks, including Instagram and Facebook.

In 2017, Art De Smile has become a new partner of the International Forum SKYSERVICE, a large international civil aviation event dedicated to the development of on-board airline services.




“Theodent is housed in the 7-month-old New Orleans BioInnovation Center, a $47 million business incubator that is focused on developing a local bioscience industry centered on university research. The firm is one of the first tenants in the center to convert a scientific discovery into a commercial product. Aaron Miscenich, president of the New Orleans BioInnovation Center, said Theodent’s success in bringing a new toothpaste product onto the market will bolster efforts to develop the local bioscience industry.” The Times-Picayune

“The percentage of surface area covered by deposited smear layer (the material that occludes the tubules) after 14 uses of the 4 toothpastes was a key test of efficacy. At the assessment on day 1 (after only 2 product uses), Theodent had achieved 90% smear layer deposition compared with 43% with Sensodyne and about 3% with Colgate, Dr. Sadeghpour reported. By day 3, Theodent had achieved 100% coverage, Sensodyne achieved 80%, and Colgate achieved less than 30%.” Medscape

“A study published in the highly respected dental journal, Caries Research, what the inventors of Theodent toothpaste have been saying all along: that theobromine, an all-natural and organic compound found in chocolate, re-mineralizes and hardens tooth enamel at a greater rate than fluoride. The finding is significant because theobromine is the active ingredient in Rennou, the patented chocolate extract contained in Theodent toothpastes.” The Wall Street Journal


“This toothpaste has been a life saver! I have been experiencing extreme tooth sensitivity after getting a filling in a back molar. The pain was almost unbearable - even room temperature liquids would bring tears to my eyes, and the pain would last for a long period of time. I had tried other toothpastes for sensitive teeth or for remineralizing, and nothing made a difference. I found Theodent and decided to give it a try. In under a week, I started to notice the sensitivity lessening, and it has continued to get better. I have been using Theodent for a little over a month now, and while the sensitivity isn't completely gone, it is so much improved, that I can eat and drink without fear of excruciating pain. I also appreciate that Theodent is natural, yet cleans my teeth well and tastes minty fresh. The other natural toothpastes I have used, just didn't leave me with that polished clean feeling or fresh breath.” Ryan

“Every year I have cavities and have to get fillings. Last year I heard this repeated to me by the dentist. So the next day, I bought Theodent. A year later I go for my check-up, and I have zero cavities. That never happens. I noticed my teeth didn't become sparkly movie star white, but they became whiter. I didn't change my eating habits or brushing habits. I just used Theodent.” Christine

 “There is some real science behind this toothpaste. it has been clinically proven more effective than current fluoride and sensitive based toothpaste, without the poisoning of fluoride. Fluoride is known to be a neurotoxin, and recent Harvard studies have shown it's correlated to lower IQ levels in children. This toothpaste has the capacity to remineralize enamel lesions comparable to fluoride. Things like taste, feel, packaging don't really matter to me, but the effectiveness does, so for that reason alone I give it 5 stars, however the taste is good. My daughter also uses the children's version, and she enjoys the chocolate like taste, again without the fluoride poisoning.” Andrew