This Invisibobble Hair Styling Tool is an innovative hair ring accessory developed by hair experts in the year 2013. This hair tie’s tighter spirals provide a very delicate look, making it the perfect tool for a stylish office hairdo or for a chic evening look. It can also be worn as a fashionable bracelet. Modern hairdos for any occasion can now be easily and quickly done - with no need for hair clips or bobby pins. These revolutionary hair tools put an end to the challenges you’ve had tying up your hair. The brand new Invisibobble Original Styling Hair Ring comes in a range of shades: Blush Hour, Luscious Lashes, Smoky Eye, Marylin Monroed, True Black, Crystal Clear, Pretzel Brown, Mint To Be, To Be Or Nude To Be and Something Blue. The spiral hair ring is a perfect companion for swimming, holidays and sports. The invisibobble® is composed of polyurethane, better known as artificial resin. Polyurethane is particularly hygienic, since it neither absorbs dirt nor bacteria and has a very easily cleaned surface.


The idea for the invisibobble began to form in Sophie‘s first semester at University. University is a time in a girl‘s life where she wears her hair up constantly. Whether you put it up whilst studying to avoid it getting in the way of your books or on a night out when you want to keep from getting too hot, it is an everyday necessity! Sophie loved the ponytail look but one thing kept bothering her. She suffered from headaches every morning and always had that kink in her hair that everybody knows and hates. 

One night, when Sophie got ready for a ‘bad taste’ party organized by the university, she went all out wearing a tie-dye synthetic blouse, sparkling bell-bottoms, multicolored eye-shadow and a bunch of crazy accessories. On her way out she realized, as bonkers as she looked, her hair could still use a little extra pimping. Immediately Sophie set her eye on the old telephone hanging on her dorm wall. It didn’t really have any use since it had been out of order for years. So she decided to unplug the phone cord and use it to tie up her hair as an extra highlight for her already quite a spectacular look.

The morning after the party, Sophie woke up after a fun-filled night and realized that something was different. Then it dawned on her; she didn‘t have a headache! After a moment of shock, she realized that she hadn‘t lost the phone cord (which would have made this a whole different story), but that it was still firmly holding her hair in place. After untying the cord she noticed that the kink in her hair, even though still visible, was a lot less pronounced than usual. That’s when she knew she had an idea, that could help her and countless other girls, on her hands! 

The idea of the invisibobble had been born, but Sophie needed someone to help her further the concept - her now business partner Felix. It took them 6 months and the help of several German technicians to design the very first invisibobble with the correct material and specifications. In 2012, the first trial launch took place in Germany, and the small firm spent a total of 12 months gathering feedback from customers so that they could continuously improve the product. Finally, in 2013, it was time to introduce invisibobble to the international market. 

The lifespan of an invisibobble® is noticeably longer than that of a normal hair tie. If the invisibobble® starts to wear out after a while, you can make it contract again by placing it in the sun, on top of a heater (or a towel) or in hot water. Due to the smooth surface of the invisibobble®, bacteria cannot collect within the hair bobble. Additionally, the invisibobble® is very easily cleaned. The invisibobble® is, therefore, more hygienic than other hair ties. The stretching or loss of elasticity of the invisibobble® does not reflect the quality standard, but is simply a security measure in cases of over-stretching. The stretching of the invisibobble® is also a characteristic of the material, which is also reversible. If you wish to shrink your invisibobble® again, you can put it out in the sun, on top of a heater (on a towel) or in hot water - the heat will cause the material to contract.

ORIGINAL: Thanks to its smooth surface, the invisibobble® ORIGINAL hair tie doesn’t tangle with dry or wet hair. With invisibobble® as a non-soaking, hygienic water lover you’ll never be annoyed by wet hair ties again! The revolutionary styling tool waves goodbye to its previous color range and presents the brand new invisibobble® ORIGINAL collection in six unique colors. Crystal Clear, True Black, and Pretzel Brown fit every outfit and occasion; To Be Or Nude To Be, Blush Hour and Mint To Be add the certain colorful something. 

NANO: Whether beginner or pro, romantic braid or casual half bun - the little styling tool is there to offer a helping hand. The invisibobble® NANO allows you to separate smaller hair sections, fix elegant updos or secure impressive braided styles - no need for clips or bobby pins. No kink, no hair breakage, no tangles - as a knight in spiral armor the invisibobble® NANO doesn’t compromise any of the invisibobble® benefits. The invisibobble® NANO in True Black, Pretzel Brown, To Be Or Nude To Be and Crystal Clear blends in perfectly with your hair.

POWER: The new invisibobble® power is the answer for everyone with voluminous hair, or an active lifestyle, who wants an extra strong hold in their everyday life or during sports. The intensified spiral shape of the invisibobble® POWER gives your hair an extra strong grip during sports or other high-energy activity, without compromising the high wearing comfort. The POWER is the perfect companion for your intense workout as it doesn’t absorb fluids and can be easily taken out of wet hair without tangling. The strong grip hair ring doesn’t only tackle every sporting challenge and tames your flowing mane, but it also avoids split ends and hair breakage. The invisibobble® POWER are available in four powerful colors - True Black, Crystal Clear, To Be Or Nude To Be and Pretzel Brown - and will go with every outfit and every situation during fitness and your everyday life.

KIDS: With the invisibobble® KIDS hair ties it is time to say bye, bye to annoying knots and hair pain. Once upon the time in a kingdom far away, a fairy called Magic Rainbow met the lovely Princess Sparkle. They instantly became best friends and to spread their happiness, they covered the world of invisibobble® with sparkles and fairy dust. This act of joy created the two members of the invisibobble® family: the invisibobble® KIDS. With the invisibobble® KIDS hair ties children’s dreams come true: They can be the most gorgeous princess in town, creating a secret crown around their updo-bun with Princess Sparkle - or get an enchanting look with Magic Rainbow and a little bit of fairy dust.

SLIM: An intricate touch to the famous spiral shape of the ORIGINAL hair tie: this is the invisibobble® SLIM. There is no need to sacrifice style for comfort with the newest member of the invisibobble® permanent collection: The invisibobble® SLIM is the perfect tool for both a stylish office hairdo and for a bouncy evening look. To dress casually but still look sophisticated while standing out is the ultimate #stylinggoal for most women trying to strike the balance between 'over-the-top' and 'underdressed'. Obviously, the right hairdo is just as important as the outfit. And the invisibobble® SLIM hair ties the perfect tool to easily create a fitting hairstyle. Its four colors Crystal Clear, True Black, Chrome Sweet Chrome and Bronze Me Pretty look delicate in the hair and like a fashionable bracelet around the wrist. Without an effort, the invisibobble® SLIM hair ring creates a bouncy ponytail or a voluminous bun. 

BASIC: The sleek BASIC is unique: its small size makes it particularly inconspicuous, whilst simultaneously providing a strong grip and a weightless feel in your hair. Whether a simple ponytail, playful braiding, cornrows or a loose updo, the minimalistic invisibobble® BASIC perfectly completes any hairstyle. invisibobble® BASIC: ideal for you and your individual style. The hair ring is available in Crystal Clear, True Black, Jelly Twist, and Mocca And Cream.

SPRUNCHIE: Back in the 80s, stars like Madonna, Demi Moore and Janet Jackson started a new hair trend by converting a simple styling tool into an absolute must-have accessory. Thanks to invisibobble®, the famous scrunchie hair ring is experiencing its long-awaited comeback! With a new design and improved wearing comfort, invisibobble® proudly presents the invisibobble® SPRUNCHIE. Hidden underneath luxurious velvet fabric, the invisibobble® SPRUNCHIE contains a classic ORIGINAL, therefore providing the benefits that come with all the classic hair ring. Holding all strands of hair together thanks to its spiral shape, the SPRUNCHIE is easy to remove without compromising on comfort. On the outside, the retro hair tie consists of soft, shiny velvet fabric. The leopard-patterned Purrfection gives every outfit an extra touch, while True Black adds a subtle and elegant finish to every style. The invisibobble® SPRUNCHIE is the hair accessory for every occasion. It also looks great around the wrist. The fabric hair tie is available in three colors, Purrfection, True Black and Prima Ballerina.

CLICKY BUN: Achieving a perfect bun in the morning rush can be a real nightmare! Individual strands of hair end up poking out, and the bun is always either too tight or too loose. But never fear - invisibobble has the solution to all your problems: presenting the new invisibobble®. The must-have for women who like to keep things simple: place your hair between the two bands and roll it up from the bottom. To finish, snap the two sides so they fold inwards, creating the bun. Wispy hairs poking out is now a thing of the past - with the invisibobble® CLICKY BUN they stay firmly and securely in place without you needing any new.

WAVER: The unique design and special material make the WAVER truly exceptional. The WAVER offers a comfortable, gentle, and - just like the other invisibobble® products - traceless alternative to the usual hair clips and pins. The top of the WAVER is inspired by the shape and functionality of the invisibobble® ORIGINAL spiral hair rings. As the name WAVER already suggests, the core is the three-dimensional wave shape, which guarantees a strong and at the same time hair-preserving hold. The hair is not, as with other products, simply compressed, but held in the uniform cavities and fixed. Thus, impressions are avoided and a high level of comfort guaranteed. The innovative closure requires no effort. Instead, the invisibobble® WAVER is simply opened and closed with two fingers and a twisting motion - it’s flicking simple!

MULTIBAND: Headband with integrated hair ring - With its useful 2-in-1 function, the MULTIBAND stands out from the rest. The band effectively keeps strands of hair out of the face. The fine silicon grips on the inside of the hairband allow it to stay in place during exercise and give it an anti-slip effect. The other option is to use the integrated invisibobble® to simultaneously tie the hair up in a ponytail. That way, the use of an extra hair tie is no longer necessary. Available in two classic colors True Black and Red-y To Rumble. 

Invisibobble® has many advantages over a regular hair tie: traceless - hair caring - non-soaking - strong grip - revolutionary updo tool. Whether used as a revolutionary styling tool or stylish wrist accessory - invisibobble® is versatile and allows creating professional updos and individual styles without additional clips or bobby pins.