For centuries, luxury has been synonymous with scarcity, quality, precision and inaccessibility. But little by little, it became popular, becoming more and more accessible and standardising the offer. The Different Company was born within this century, in a context where perfume lovers are turning away from the novelties of the big brands, which tend today to create juices intended to please the greatest number. The Different Company perfume house was founded in 2000 by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena and Thierry de Baschmakoff in Paris, France. Its products are successful lines of perfumes, which are also available worldwide in boutiques and concept stores. Inventors founded The Different Company and embarked on the crazy project to create a brand that will embody the Haute Parfumerie Contemporaine, with exceptional fragrances contained in art objects. A spirit without constraints, finding the meaning of the exception to create real rare perfumes: this is a step engraved forever at the heart of the brand.

Creation of The Different Company:

Based on this observation, The Different Company’s first creations appeared, developed by Jean Claude Ellena and Thierry de Baschmakoff. Not imposing costs or codes limits, exploring new territories, demanding excellence in raw materials and sillages, working with talented perfumers of international renown, expressing a signature luxury design: this is the vision of The Luxury Perfumery of The Different Company.

The Different Company is definitely a contemporary brand driven by creation and which brings new olfactory emotions, in beautiful bottles, the unique combination of design and olfactory creativity that is based on the art of French Haute Perfumery.

The first bottles:

Thierry de Baschmakoff, a worldwide recognised luxury goods designer, has signed the visual identity of the bottles by designing a sleek 3-tiered cap that emphasises the simplicity and elegance of the House. The first bottles were a 250ml and a 10ml, both refillable, followed by the creation of the emblematic "48heures" case with manufactured aluminium and contemporary design, which dresses and protects the travel bottle 10ml.

Three fragrances: Osmanthus, still unknown by perfume lovers and yet sitting on the organs of every perfumer, Bois d'Iris, with an exceptional concentration of Iris Pallida, the glitzy the most sumptuous? and the most expensive Iris, and Rose Poivrée, a very personal interpretation of Rose by Jean Claude Ellena who still has no equivalent today, an animal Rose, heady, fleshy.

The 90ml refillable bottle is a glass bottle, fire-polished to eliminate impurities and to give more softness to the touch. It is silkscreened in real platinum, its pump is invisible, its 3-level cap is in solid metal: it is a real object representing the culmination of contemporary French luxury.

Luc Gabriel’s arrival:

In 2004, after Jean Claude Ellena’s departure, Luc Gabriel took over The Different Company to carry the DNA and the development of the brand. This Perfume Enthusiast knows this universe well for having grown up around a family perfumery business held by his mother.

Like a Matryoshka doll, the brand's travel concept allows carrying favourite perfumes everywhere. A 10ml refillable spray bottle, decorated with the engraving of the logo, which can be inserted into the 48hours aluminum case. Everything takes place in a real mini perfume bag, in lambskin, which can hold 3 bottles of 10ml, for your urban trips or more distant.

The first Celine Ellena’s creations:

From 2004 to 2011, Celine Ellena, a worthy heir to her father Jean Claude Ellena, composes 9 fragrances for The Different Company: Jasmin de Nuit, Sel de Vétiver, Ailleurs & Fleurs, Charmes & Feuilles, Sublime Balkiss, Oriental Lounge, De Baschmakov, and Pure eVe, Just Pure. Through these 9 olfactory creations, Céline Ellena offers universes with oriental and spicy dominance. Alongside The Different Company, she explores dreamlike horizons and promotes the discovery of new olfactory sensations. Her creations and those of her father are then grouped into a collection, the collection Juste Chic.

With the creation of new fragrances and the launch of the 50ml bottle, The Different Company expands its international presence by establishing itself in thirty countries.

The Collection Excessive by Bertrand Duchaufour:

Composed of 4 fragrances today (Oud Shamash, Oud For Love, Aurore Nomade, and I miss Violet), the Collection Excessive represents the Absolute Luxury of rare and precious raw materials, concentrated in powerful and complex fragrances, which combine sensuality, depth and rarity. Bertrand Duchaufour thus confirms the know-how and expertise of the brand by signing original arrangements with new accords.

With an elegant architecture and surprising associations, Emilie Coppermann reinvents the Cologne universe with 7 creations (After Midnight, Kâshân Rose, Limon de Cordoza, Sienne d’Orange, South Bay, Tokyo Bloom, White Zagora, and Majaïna Sin). Full of olfactory surprises, the collection uses the codes of Eau de Cologne to better twist them and make them perfumes whose complexity and density are hidden behind an immediate approach. The spirit is a Cologne, the creation is a Perfume.

For its home fragrances line, The Different Company collaborates with three exceptional perfume designers: Corine Cachen, Alexandra Monet, and Delphine Jelk. Through the two collections, Collection des Rêves and The Modern House, the brand offers real decorative objects which diffuse surprising sillages. The candles are produced by a House of wax masters and heirs since 4 generations of family know-how, unique and ancestral. The candle’s glass packaging is, slightly conical, finely lacquered in brown and screen-printed, playing on a matt / brilliant effect, designated by Thierry de Baschmakoff.

Collaboration with Christine Nagel:

A unique collaboration with Christine Nagel, she signs the 14th fragrance of the Juste Chic collection: Une Nuit Magnétique, All Night Long. A unique construction where the materials attract themselves by affinity and repel by contrast. She emphasized that it's a unique experience to be able to create for The Different Company. The freedom of creation is at the same time a great proof of confidence on the part of this Maison de Haute Parfumerie and at the same time a real challenge.

Alexandra Monet signs the Anniversary Edition, the fragrance celebrating The Different Company’s 15th birthday, in limited edition. With this fragrance, the brand continues its tradition: break the codes of perfumery, have the sense of exception, take a contemporary look at a secular art and bring you an infinite pleasure, with elegance.

Our days:

Today, The Different Company is 1 designer, 3 collections, and 28 perfumes signed by 8 internationally renowned perfume designers. Always in the respect of the values established in 2000, The Different Company does not cease to challenge itself in order to create "Made in France" olfactory compositions, which are always more surprising and elegant than the last, and this, in a context of creation always so exceptionally free. The Different Company is the representation of an unconstrained spirit.